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August 7, 2022  

At our core, we all have a desire both to know others and to be known by them. That is what a relationship is. Seeking and being sought. Knowing and being known. Accepting and being accepted. Loving and being loved. Pouring into someone else, having them pour into you.  

We sometimes treat God in the same way. We approach seeking God like He is someone that we want to know, but we see Him as someone, who seems distant and disinterested in who we are.  We act as if we have to gain His attention or His approval.

Other times we focus on the immensity of God because we are worried about putting God in a box. The truth is that all the great and powerful attributes of God sometimes lead us to forget His personal nature. We spend time focusing on the fact that He is the all-powerful, all-knowing, creator of the universe and therefore so much bigger than it. 

The message of scripture is that God calls us into relationship. A chief attribute of being in relationship with God is, just like human relationships, knowing and being known. Galatians 4:9 says, “Now that you have come to know God, or rather to be known by God.”

Psalm 139 praises God for His amazing power, but it does so by showing how that power is used by God to know us. The result is a psalm of praise for who God is, a psalm of love for being cared for by Him, and a psalm of devotion to God in response to His devotion to us. The whole psalm could be summarized by v17: “How precious are your thoughts to me, O God.” 

God knows You Because He Sees You (v1-6)
God Knows You Because He is Near You (v7-12)
God Knows You Because He Made You (v13-18)
Our Response to God’s Knowledge (v19-24)

July 31, 2022  

Join us as Pastor Kent leads us in a discussion of Psalm 22!

July 24, 2022  

Why has the Word of God stood the test of time? Why do we read it over and over again? Because it holds the answers to some of life's most difficult questions.

Humanity goes to great lengths to search for life giving things. We drill thousands of feet into the ground for water, we sink millions of dollars into sustainable food resources, yet the one thing that gives the most life is often neglected and ignored. In Psalm 119, the psalmist displays a great love for the thing that is the most treasured in his life, the Word of God.

Join us this week as Pastor Chris leads us in a study of Psalm 119!

July 17, 2022  

For some reason, when it comes to spiritual matters, we are less comfortable encouraging ourselves to do things we don’t feel like doing.   That is because spiritual matters are often like exercise. The things God commands us to do are for our good and are things that once we have been trained in righteousness, we will desire to do. This is the point of obedience. Doing what you are supposed to do, even when you don’t feel like it will ultimately help us “acquire a taste” for righteousness.

Worship is the same way. When you don’t feel like worshiping is the time you need to worship most. When we are being stubborn, selfish, stiff-necked, strong-willed, hard hearted people, the cure is to force ourselves to worship, to put the focus on God and see how He can change our hearts in the light of his presence.

Psalm 95 is an invitation to this kind of worship. It is a call to worship God with your whole self – heart, mind, strength – and in the midst of it, to meet God and be transformed by Him from the outside in.

Worship through Rejoicing (v1-5)
Worship through Reverence (v6-7)
Worship Through Obedience (v7-11)

The psalm ends with rest, because that is what God wishes to give those who follow Him. He calls us through worship into a life of following Him, a life that ends in fulfillment and rest.

July 10, 2022  
July 3, 2022  

Join us this 4th of July weekend as Pastor Josh helps us dig into Psalm 34!

June 19, 2022  

Join us on Father's Day as Pastor Todd leads us in a discussion of Psalm 86!

June 12, 2022  

This Psalm starts out by describing the glory of God in nature. The second half of the Psalm describes in detail the importance of the law of God. It seems like such an odd transition that some people do not see the connection, maybe even wondering if it is two different poems. But they are not. This Psalm is not about nature or the law. It is about God and how He speaks to us. 

Verse 1- 6: God Revealed in Nature 
Verse 7-13: God Revealed in his Word 
Verse 12: God Revealed in Me 

The  Psalmist Writes: "The heavens declare, the law declares, now may my words and my thoughts also declare the glory of God.  But the Psalmist desires not just what he says to glorify God, but also what he thinks about to be pleasing to God.

June 5, 2022  

If you walk through any bookstore or do a basic google search, or if you listen to the radio or a podcast, you will find that we are all searching for keys to how we can live our best life possible.  The answers abound ranging from the right job, diet, vacation, partner, hobbies, etc. We are simply overwhelmed by all the possible choices. Our lives are characterized by making a choice of one of these paths.  Sometimes we try them for a little while, then either when we don’t see results or we lose patience, we make a decision to move on to a new track.

Today we are going to look at a path that is different.   I would even go as far as saying that this path will guarantee you a life of fruitfulness and fulfillment.  Today as we begin our series on several Psalms, this is exactly where the book of Psalm starts, it begins with the staggering claim that such a life awaits the blessed man.

May 29, 2022  

Pastor Ross Kilgore

King Saul and King David had a lot of similarities. Both were kings of Israel, and both enjoyed periods of success and prosperity while on the throne.  Both also made some pretty major mistakes.  But, the way that they responded to those failures led them down drastically different paths.  Join us as we examine the failures of both Saul and David to learn how to move past our own sins and failures.

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